1,000,000,000 $FUEGO


$FUEGO launches with the most fair and transparent token distribution as possible by a team of crypto veterans. $FUEGO is not a memecoin, it is the digital currency used in the web3 games developed by Fuego Labs. Use $FUEGO to mint NFTs that unlock in-game items such as playable characters, weapons, ammo, vehicles, boosters and more. Stake $FUEGO to earn more $FUEGO. Spend $FUEGO in our online store to purchase or access IRL products and services.

LitGuy Airdrop - 10%

10% of the token supply is set aside for Litguy. Each Litguy is eligible to claim 10,000 $FUEGO.

Locked Liquidity - 10%

50% of the token supply will be paired with ETH and locked in a liquidity pool on Uniswap for at least 1 year.

Staking Rewards - 20%

20% of the token supply will be allocated for staking rewards. 10% for Litguy NFT staking and 10% for $FUEGO staking.

Marketing & Development - 10%

5% of the token supply will be set aside for marekting and potential CEX listings and another 5% for development of more games and other products/services integrating $FUEGO as a payment method.

1 Year Lockup - 50%

50% of the token supply will be for a minimum of one year. At that time we will evaluate what portion of that supply gets re-locked and for how long and what to do with any portion that is released.

Lucha libre
  • PvP Wrestling
  • NFT Characters
  • Unlock Fights
  • Android & iOS
Sewer Shooters
  • Endless Runner
  • NFT Characters
  • NFT Weapons
  • Android & iOS
  • Battle Royale
  • NFT Caracters
  • NFT Weapons
  • OthersideMeta


$FUEGO is a free claim for LitGuy NFTs
and will launch after all LitGuy NFTs have been minted.

Team Fuego

Building on Ethereum since 2018

Fuego Labs is lead by a fully doxxed team of crypto veterans with extensive knowledge and experience in building with Solidity and Unity.

Captain Fuego


Captain Pink


Captain Papo


Hitesh Dabi